Heavy industry

Different plants and applications provide for specific requirements that need to be met by Chlemount actuators used in the heavy industry. Our comprehensive product portfolio ensures effective and reliable control of all automation tasks. Typical electrical valve automation tasks can be found in:

 ● Cement works

 ● Shipbuilding industry

 ● Painting facilities

 ● Paper industry

 ● Glass industry

 ● Sugar industry

 ● Building automation

 ● ...

We provide


Pneumatic actuator
PR series (gear and pinion type)
PF series (shift fork type)
PH series (heavy load type)
Straight stroke pneumatic actuator
PL series (piston type)
PD series (diaphragm type)

Electric actuator mechanism
CQ part rotation series
CM multi-turn series

CL straight stroke series

The actuator can exert unparalleled response and control capabilities in the most critical applications.