- CIM-series electric multi-turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications such as globe, gate valves and similar usages. Wide range of output torque and control options meet your specific requirement.


- CIM-series provides high reliability and performance - CIM-series is simple and safe, and rapid non-intrusive commissioning with infra-red control - The digital position display clearly indicates the status of valve and actuator - With our extensive product range and engineering knowledge, HKC can provide solutions for costomer requirem


- Robust and low weight due to high grade aluminum alloy housing (except HM-100~300)

- High corrosion resistance due to hard anodizing and polyester coating

- Direct output torque range from 35N.m to 3000N.m

- Wide range of voltage available

- Digital LCD window & smart design

- Rugged design construction (Water tight : IP68, Explosion proof : Eexd IIb T4, IP68)

- Hand wheel for manual operation engaged by a hand/auto lever

- Valve torque indication

- Setting tool (infrared setup)

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